We are proud of all IT_EUREKA participants, because even participation itself is a step forward, a pure desire to test one’s strength on the way to improvement

But it is still interesting to find out who became the winners of the past seasons đŸ˜‰



The project team was formed in 2013 in Kyiv. Camtouch is a portable device that allows to make any surface interactive, take notes, manage presentations, and any program installed on a personal computer. Technology makes engagement more efficient and interactive. In 2020, Camtouch startup was recognized one of the top-6 hardware startups according to UVCA (Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association)


2020: ELOMIA

The team created a virtual psychologist that helps in the fight against depression and anxiety. Artificial intelligence that serves as a virtual psychologist listens, understands, and provides psychological support 24/7. The participants combined a medical data set, a system for identifying the user’s emotional state, and a neural network that generates text from scratch. With all that they provided for individual processing of requests, taking into account the depth of symptoms of depressioǹˆ or anxiety.



In 2019, the Lingart team from Lviv took the first place. They developed a cool solution for multilingual audiobooks. The mobile and web versions of the application allow the user to switch between reading and listening and vice versa, take notes, add videos, and more. Professional, artistic, and even children’s literature – Lingart application can handle anything.


2017: ARDEX

2017 was a successful year for the ARDex team from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics. Young innovators proposed a solution designed to create interactive educational content for modern and effective learning. Their creation is an AR tool that combines mobile and web platforms with augmented reality.



Their StarShift project, developed in Java, solves the problems of many people in interaction with electronics, providing privacy and speed of access to their own data.


2014: MEVICS

Professional and innovative participants from Odesa have developed a device for a healthy back and posture correction for those who have a sedentary job. This startup was able to attract $500,000 in investment from the British company UBTower.